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Girls of the Internet

Nude Charcoal Studies

The drawings on this site are dedicated to the girls I have
met on the internet that have shared some of their
pictures with me. These drawings are special because
they have that personal touch. I also like sharing the excitement
of a completed drawing with them and listening to their responses .
I think it gives them a different perspective of their own natural beauty.
I enjoy doing these charcoal studies very much. I try to
bring out the true sensual beauty of the female body.

The faces on some of the sketches have been left off at the request of the model.
I respect this and the studies are primarily of the body contours, shapes, and lines.

Sweet Dream
The Beautiful Body and Person that started this all

Sweet Dream

The Body


Sexy Side


The First - Work sketch


English Beauty
A natual beauty with a flair for sensual poses.


This is just a start
I hope to be adding more to this site in the near future

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